For Parents

We are pleased to welcome your child to Cultivate 2020!

Your child has been invited to participate in Cultivate 2020, a unique opportunity for youth leaders to gather to learn about, and create action on agriculture in Alberta. Inside Education is very excited to bring together schools from across Alberta to join together at the beautiful Olds College campus for four days of sharing ideas and discussion!

You can find more details about the conference on this website or request them from your child’s teacher supervisor.

We have addressed some further questions you may have below…


Inside Education is an award-winning not-for-profit charitable education society. We provide educational programs and services to Alberta’s K-12 school system all related to Alberta’s natural resources and environment. We have more than 30 years experience delivering education programs for Alberta’s teachers and students.

Cultivate 2020 is an exciting next step where teachers and students are invited to learn together by adopting the role of “Agriculture Leadership Teams.”  They will learn with and from experts in the environmental community, producers, industry, government, and post-secondary institutions.

Our staff of professional educators are all experienced in delivering engaging, fun, and safe education programs indoors and out!


The Cultivate Summit is being held from the evening of Thursday, March 5 through to just before noon on Sunday, March 8, 2019.

Cultivate is an opportunity for teams of youth leaders from high schools from across Alberta to come together to learn about agriculture and climate change in Alberta. Participating students will have the opportunity to investigate the science, issues, and careers related to agriculture and climate change, and determine their personal role in the future of agriculture in Alberta. As a culminating activity of the Summit, each high school team will come up with creative ways to share their learning with their classmates and make a change in their communities upon returning to school through a student-driven Agriculture Education Project. These projects will ensure the next generation of Alberta’s young people will continue to become more literate about sustainable agriculture in the Alberta context.

The Summit is an exceptional learning opportunity. Students will learn about how many aspects of our agriculture sector – issues, innovations, and stewardship – are connected to their daily lives today and into the future. They will have an opportunity to assess the positive and negative economic, environmental and social values connected to agriculture in Alberta. While support from Alberta’s industries and the Government of Alberta has made it possible for all schools to attend the Cultivate 2020 Youth Summit at no cost, the Summit will consider multiple perspectives and encourage critical thinking from students in order for them to come to their own conclusions.


Through a combination of short presentations, interactive and skill-building workshops and activities, keynote addresses, tours, and project planning, students will be doing a lot of learning! We are still building our program, but it will feature industry and government experts, producers, tours, innovative research, lively discussion, and lots of laughter and fun! Student teams will leave inspired to bring their new ideas and perspectives back to their schools and communities. On the last day of our visit together, teams will focus on project planning prior to departing before noon on Sunday.


Schools will be gathering in Alberta’s beautiful prairies for the Cultivate 2020 Summit. Our host venue for the event is Olds College, located about one hour North of Calgary in the Town of Olds. Students will get to experience student life by staying in their own single room in campus residence, and take in the exemplary banquet facilities in the Student Alumni Centre. Olds College is very experienced in large conferences and is exceptional at meeting dietary restrictions and needs.

All other information will be provided by your school prior to their journey to Cultivate. We look forward to meeting your child and experiencing this exciting learning opportunity with them!


Please feel free to reach out to Inside Education’s Executive Director Steve McIsaac – he’d love to chat with you! You can reach him in our Edmonton office at 1-888-421-1497 or via email at smcisaac [at]