Program Schedule

Full day program including online and offline components: 

Program start: 9:00 am
Agriculture 101

Buckle up for a crash course in Agriculture with Inside Education! We will be covering the basics of food, farming and everything in between.  
Discover Agriculture (Offline)

Inside Education will provide all the tools you need to learn about agriculture in your community with this curated content that features local agriculture projects, interviews with leading agriculture experts, video tours and simulations.
Agriculture and Climate – Discussion & Expert Q & A

After you’ve explored ‘Discover Agriculture’  we will come back together to meet with experts who will share insights into agriculture and our role as stewards of the land. This dynamic conversation will focus on how climate change is changing how we produce food and other agricultural products. Be sure to come with questions!
Project Showcase: Grow Alberta

The #GrowAlberta initiative took off in 2020 when a group of Alberta teachers and students worked together to get students growing all across the province. Student leaders will share their story and how you can get involved!
Wrap Up
Program End 12:00 pm