The Agriculture Education Project

As a follow up to Cultivate, each school team will be asked to complete an Agriculture Education Project.

This is a unique way your team can share the knowledge, experience, and inspiration gained at Cultivate 2020. The goal is for each team to implement their Agriculture Education Project by the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Inside Education will support your passion for innovative solutions and give you the tools you need to share it with your school, community, province (or country!) by developing and implementing a unique Agriculture Education Project. We’ll brainstorm with your team, work with you throughout the Summit, connect you with experts and potential speakers, and we’ll (if you’ll have us) be present at your event!

Your team may have an idea in mind (if so, please include the details in the application form!) or you may use the Summit to start growing ideas.


Projects must include a meaningful education and action plan to engage your school and community with what your team has learned at the summit. This can be part of a larger class project, a student-led idea, or a legacy project for the entire school.

Project possibilities are limitless! Here are some ideas:

  • Get your boots on the ground and organize a field trip for your class (or grade!) to visit a local farm and learn first hand about sustainable on-farm practices
  • Take a page out of the University of Alberta’s There’s a Heifer in Your Tank and have students answer some of the big questions of sustainability faced by our agriculture sector today.
  • Work with your favorite Cultivate experts and host an agriculture careers day
  • Create an awareness campaign to boost agriculture literacy and stewardship in your school
  • Develop a school garden – demonstrating sustainable practices, modeling ‘farm to table’, and developing appreciation and trust in Alberta’s/Canada’s food systems.  
  • Any other creative ideas you may have!

Want to bounce an idea off an Inside Education staff? Feel free to reach out to Andre Morson to discuss any projects ideas you may have. 


We know that the process of identifying, selecting, completing, and celebrating a project can be an intimidating ask! This section is intended to help point you in the right direction with additional resources to make sure that your Agriculture Education Project is a success!

First off – remember that this project should be meaningful, but it doesn’t need to be daunting. Here are a few tips to help!

  1. Identify an issue! If your project is going to have a lasting effect, it may be important to think about what policies or practices your team can influence to address any issues within your school community. 
  2. Ensure that everyone is onboard and that students will be at the lead.
  3. Involve your administration and the broader school community as soon as you can in order to gain their support. 

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