The Summit

Cultivate 2020 is a dynamic education summit that provides 80 high school students and 40 teachers with a unique opportunity to learn about, collaborate on and ultimately advance agriculture education in Alberta.

 “Not only did I learn so much, but I made so many new friends and left with the belief that my voice is important and capable of initiating change.”

-Arshdeep, Student, Summit Participant
  • Cultivate features a one-of-a-kind summit structure that connects experiential project-based learning directly to your school and community.
  • Sessions, workshops, roundtables, demonstrations, activities and gala keynote are designed to engage both students and teachers. Interested in speaking or hosting a tour, or know of someone who might? Please see our Call for Presenters section.
  • By the end of the Summit, students will be empowered and encouraged to host their own event at their school to share their learning with their classmates, their school, or their greater community! Project planning, networking, and skill building will be featured during the program to help students share their learnings. through their Agriculture Education Project.

Inside Education’s 10th annual youth summit tackles an exciting new topic: How can we sustain our growing demand for food and other agriculture products through best practices that maintain integrity of our water, energy, land, air, and wildlife?

Cultivate 2020 will explore the role of modern agriculture from multiple perspectives. Students will gain appreciation for Alberta’s agriculture story, including how we grow, process and distribute food, and associated technologies, and innovations. We will work alongside experts to explore key topics and issues though a multiple perspectives approach that encourages students to think critically about their role in the future of agriculture. Together we will examine the environmental, social, and economic challenges and opportunities related to agriculture development.

  • Sustainable agriculture and stewardship
  • The Nexus – connections between water, energy, and food
  • Current and emerging issues  – social, environmental, economic
  • The future of agriculture – research, technology, innovation, and careers
  • Inspiring young agriculture leaders & action though school-based projects

Check out our current schedule as it evolves over the next few months to get a better look at Cultivate 2020.